UP! Sales Talks – March 2020


UP! Sales Talks – Bigger and Better!

UP SALES TALKS is a series of practical and candid speakers sharing their journey of growth and sales strategies used to excel.

They have been in the sales trenches, have had sleepless nights, business frustrations, stress, challenges and obstacles – just like YOU may be facing today – but all those challenges and frustrations lead to sales and success and that’s what they’ll share with you.

Receive tools, strategies and ideas that you can apply to your sales strategy and make a difference right away, but most of all, BE INSPIRED to Knock down Doors and Grow Your Business!

With more than 200 people registered for the event in Ajax, the 1st UP! Sales Talk of the year was bigger & better!

Ryan Smolkin of Smoke’s Poutinerie, Audrey Jamieson of Marketing Kitchen and Mark & Carissa Stewart of WonderMakr did not disappoint! They offered insight, entertainment and value to everyone who attended. Click to view some of the media from the March event.

Register for the next UP! Sales Talk on June 3rd in Whitby.

Videos and Images from the March 4th UP! Sales Talks Event:

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