1COMMUNITY1 - Durham Region - Business

All applications are reviewed by 1COMMUNITY1 before being approved. Membership approval notifications are sent to the email address you register with.

Code of Conduct Guidelines

1COMMUNITY1 fosters a safe and inclusive environment for individuals to connect, share and collaborate.

Bonding Community Friends Team Togetherness Unity Concept

Guidelines for online participation:

  • Share relevant community related information (e.g. news, events and activities)
  • Bring attention to citizens and businesses who are making a difference in the community
  • Be respectful and truthful
  • Use positive language
  • Communicate clearly
  • Be accountable for the information that you share
  • Do not swear or post obscenities

Each of us has a role in our community. Thoughtful and encouraging interaction will help create stronger, healthier and safer communities.

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