Access IO @ Ontario Power Generation


Access IO – The Ultimate Investor Collision Event Series

An invitation-only, high-energy and high-impact event series focused on sourcing new technologies, investing, making connections, telling stories, promoting the investor ecosystem, supporting innovation, and growing the Canadian economy.

Access IO @ Ontario Power Generation, June 26, 2019

“Ontario Power Generation has a rich history of innovation… Access IO represents an opportunity for Ontario Power Generation to tap into the wealth of knowledge that the angel investment world has regarding new technologies in their infancies that can play a huge role in how we do business at OPG.”

– Jason Wight, Director of Engineering at Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, Ontario Power Generation. Founder of OPG’s Innovation Accelerator, X-Lab.

Recap VideoKleurvision

Recap Video with Jason Wight

Brief Video

Photos of the Access IO – Ontario Power Generation event on June 26, 2019



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