Whitby City Hall

Whitby, a part of Greater Toronto Area (GTA), is one of the eight municipalities that make up the Durham Region. Growing rapidly at a projected rate of 15% in five years, Whitby is known as the commuter suburb of the GTA.

Rural centres are found in the northern area of Whitby and include the communities of Brooklin, Ashburn, Myrtle and Myrtle Station. To the south, Whitby offers an urban centre and an economic hub.

Whitby has deep historical roots, heritage walking tours and many landmarks. Residents and tourists enjoy the range of amenities and services in Whitby including an award-winning marina, farmer’s market, sports, arts, culture and recreation centres.

Convenient travel and transportation networks make it easy to explore Whitby.

Fast facts

  • Population: 128,000
  • Labour Force: 91,000+
  • Urban Centres: Downtown Whitby and Downtown Brooklin
  • Mayor: Don Mitchell
  • Fact: Whitby was named after a seaport town in England – Whitby, Yorkshire, England

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